WILD WILD WESTStudents are reading "Little House on the Praire" by Laura Ingalls Wilder for Language Arts.
Teacher reads some chapters and other chapters s
tudents read alone and with partners.

In this unit students develop critical thinking skills by considering the lives of pioneers traveling west and settlers in the United States during the Westward Expansion years (approx 1850-1900).

SCIENCE1.Animals and Habitats
2.Technology (integrated with Math)

3.Waste-consumption and disposal (Integrated with Math)


1. Compare using <, >, = sizes of materials settlers would have needed to travel the Oregon Trail.
Have students design problems using symbols to compare pictures of goods (food, clothing, building materials, seeds, tools, etc.)

2. Understand that multiplication problems can have different units within problems: (i.e. 6 apples each in 5 baskets 5X6 = 30 apples.
3. Math – determine the supplies
needed to take his/her family west

1. Vocabulary (Integrated with Music)

2.Poetry (Integrated with Social Studies)

3. Letters

4. Reading Non-fiction-(Integrated with Art)

1. Dioramas

2. Map of North America

3. Trade Beads (Integrated with ART)