Integrated lessons

Integrating Lessons from multiple content areas is important in today's Critically Thinking Classroom. Not only does it give students practical lessons, material is presented the way it happens everyday, integrated, and the real situations and applications to use skills come alive. Students use critical thinking skills to consider, compare, and formulate opinions on topics. Material that is presented to students is considered according to the credibility of the source and students can accept or decline information. Strategies for our classrooms are constantly being updated by critical thinkers. THanks for sharing your lesson and ideas for furthering Critical THinking Skills.

Art can be naturally integrated into other content areas. SOcial Studies allows studies of art of certain regions or time periods. Patterns in math can be shown using dance or music. Children are naturally curious about the world around them and giving them avenues to express their thoughts and feelings allows them the freedom to use their area of strength to present mastery of material. In a critical thinking, art integrated classroom students have acceptance and value to their products and thinking processes and all can shine, not just those who are good at test taking or paper and pencil type tasks.

Students are reading "Little House on the Praire" by Laura Ingalls Wilder for Language Arts.
Teacher reads some chapters

Students read alone
Students read with partners.

In this unit students develop critical thinking skills by considering the lives of pioneers traveling west and settlers in the United States during it's pioneering years (approx 1850-1900).
Students will study The Wild West via Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts