1.Western Scenes(Integrated with Art)-
Content Standards Use problem solving skills to make decisions individually and in groups.
Identify and explain ways people have affected the physical environment of North America ad analyze the positive and negative consequences.
Language Arts Organize writing by providing a simple introduction, body and clear sense of closure.

After reading the text and viewing powerpoint presentations online, discuss factors that affected the development of North America (Homesteaders Act, California Gold Rush, Influx of immigrants etc. ). In the 1860's people stopped using the Oregon Trail. Can you guess why? (Railroad developed) Summarize the ideas in your own words.
Ask students why it is important to know about our past
Discuss what they are learning about the past that surprises them
Discuss how the USA would be different if pioneers had not settled the West.
Activity: Students will design Dioramas in groups of 3-4 depicting a scene that may have been found on the Oregon Trail or any where during the Westward Expansion. Decide what features should be included in the diorama. What materials can you use to depict the scene? Write a paragraph telling about what your scene depicts.


2. North America Map
Content Standards Use map elements or coordinates to locate physical and human features of North America.
Analyze ways that transportation and communication relate to patterns of settlement and economic activity.

Study the map of North America and decide what hardships Pioneers might have endured during the push west. What dangers might they have encountered? What were their needs as far as deciding where they wanted to set up their homesteads? Read text for questions using post-its and recording questions that arise as students read text. Discuss questions and text.
Activity: In small groups have students design a map to show the features that are found on the North American map. Maps can take any form.

3. Trade Beads-(Integrated with ART)
Content Standards: Compare practices and products of North American cultural groups.
Describe the cultural patterns that are evident in North America today as a result of exploration, colonization and conflict

Before Westward expansion Native Americans lived on the continent. Their methods of sharing the land and taking what was needed for survival conflicted with the newcomers idea of land ownership and extensive hunting and trapping.
What do you think could have been a source of the conflicts between cultural groups?
Natives traded with pioneers at outposts.
Activity: Have students make salt flour beads to represent what the Native Americans traded with. Dry and paint before stringing on yarn or string to wear.
Exit slip- What was one source of conflict between the Native Americans who originally lived on the land and the settlers.